an articulation management system for REAPER

The Easy Way

If your DAW is connected to the Internet, you can install Reaticulate as a ReaPack repository.

If you don’t already have ReaPack, head on over to and install it.

Once you have ReaPack installed:

  1. Open the menu: Extensions | ReaPack | Import a Repository
  2. Paste in this URL:
  3. Double click the newly added Reaticulate item in the repository list
  4. Click the Install/update Reaticulate button and select Install all packages
  5. Invoke the action Script: Reaticulate_Main.lua from the actions list

Tip: in Reaticulate's Settings page, you can configure it to automatically start when Reaper starts.

Now’s a good time to read more about how to use Reaticulate.

The Hard Way

If your DAW doesn’t have Internet connectivity, you can follow these manual installation instructions:

  1. Download the zip file of the latest version on the releases page and copy it to your DAW (via USB thumbdrive or whatever)
  2. Extract the reaticulate-<version> folder contained within the zip to your REAPER Scripts/ directory
    • On Windows this is %AppData%\REAPER\Scripts
  3. Rename the reaticulate-<version> folder to Reaticulate
  4. Move all files in the jsfx folder up to the Effects/ directory (which exists on the same level as Scripts/)
    • On Windows this is %AppData%\REAPER\Effects
  5. In Reaper, open the Actions dialog and click the Load ... button in the bottom right
  6. Navigate to Scripts/Reaticulate/actions/ and select all files in that directory, and then click the Open button
  7. Invoke the action Script: Reaticulate_Main.lua from the actions list